Shaun Rudie
Shaun Rudie 19 May 2019

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#479 dead Rabbits (part two)
19 May 2019
#479 dead Rabbits (part two)
Owen Benjamin · 1 Views

Escape From Larger Attacker Part 2—Core JKD Street Tactics/Ground Techniques

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In part 2 of this method, Ming describes the Core JKD Lowrider method of escaping a larger attacker in top control and flowing to double knee bar, resisting turnover from the wrap, as well as driving pressure to the solar plexus. He created this technique because of its ability to transition into a multitude of controls and submissions and ways for escape.

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#479 dead Rabbits (part two)
19 May 2019
#479 dead Rabbits (part two)
Owen Benjamin · 1 Views